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6 Unique OKC Team Building Activities

A strong team is one of the most important elements of a successful business. Learning how to communicate and cooperate lays the foundation for a healthy workplace. Team building exercises are a great way to bring the workplace together and build trust, mitigate conflict, encourage communication, and increase collaboration.

However, no one wants to do the same old activities they have been doing for years. How many times can a team do a SWOT analysis or a ropes course? It’s time to spice it up a little and challenge your team with some fresh team building activities. The staff at the RSC@OKC Innovation Station has compiled a list of six of our favorite unique team building activities for you to consider for your next meeting at the Innovation Station.

  1. Foodie Foot Tours is all about exploring and learning.  Foodie Foot Tours gives you a one-of-a kind culinary experience with a mix of historical and architectural views of the best neighborhoods.  Walking food tours offer a great way for your team to explore the city and eat along the way. For more information about corporate events, visit FoodieFootTours.com.
  2. Baker Street Escapes is located less than a mile from the Innovation Station. Your team will solve a variety of puzzles, requiring them to work together and delegate tasks. These games provide opportunities to show initiative, leadership, and support for fellow teammates. Unlike a ropes course, this activity is conducted in an air-conditioned environment. For more information about corporate events, visit BakerStreetEscapes.com.
  3. Whodunit Dinner Theatre OKC offers your team the opportunity to solve a crime. Their private shows are great team building events for corporate groups. Whodunit has created the perfect balance of professional actors and audience involvement. For more information, visit WhoDunIt.net.
  4. Box Talent offers a wide variety of unique team building activities such as Game Show Trivia with questions customized to your business (think: Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Giant Bingo.) For more information, contact Katie at BoxTalent.com
  5. OKC Sushi Classes are two hour long with equipment and ingredients provided. Classes are instructor led and each participant receives hands-on experience in making their own sushi. For more information, visit OKCSushiClasses.com
  6. Lego Serious Play is not a game – it is a hands-on, experiential process designed to encourage your team’s creative thinking, collaboration, and communication using Lego’s to build models. Lego Serious Play is a playful approach that can inspire serious results. Learn more about Lego Serious Play HERE or contact Misty.

There are so many team building ideas and activities available for the workplace which can help your team work together and form a strong unit. Give one a go! What unique or unusual team building activities has your team participated in? We would love to hear from you!