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An Insider’s Guide to Downtown OKC

Downtown Oklahoma City at sunset
Not long ago, downtown Oklahoma City was a lonely area where people only visited to go to work and left as soon as they were done for the day. However, in the last decade, that’s all changed with restaurants, museums and all sorts of new entertainment popping up seemingly every day. Still, if you’re new or just visiting, you might miss out on some of the city’s best-kept secrets.

How Do I Get There?

The first step to doing anything downtown is finding somewhere to leave your car, which can be extremely tricky in a metropolitan area. Luckily, Oklahoma City is an exception to the rule, as there’s almost always parking available at an affordable price near the heart of downtown. Check out this handy map for all your parking needs.

Take a Walk

Myriad Gardens Crystal Bridge at night
Getting out of the office to stretch your legs is a crucial part of the day. Downtown Oklahoma City is a walker’s paradise. You might have seen the big, glass cylinder on your way into town, which is just a part of the Myriad Botanical Gardens, a free nature area open every day from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. In Oklahoma, it’s anyone’s guess if the weather will cooperate with your outdoor plans. That’s why Oklahoma City opened the (not so) secret underground tunnels. With entrances all over downtown, the tunnels provide an easy way to get those steps in on rainy days. These aren’t just grimy, poorly lit holes in the ground. The OKC tunnels are vibrantly designed, featuring work by various artists, and you can also find food and coffee down there. You could really stay in the tunnels forever, if they didn’t close at 7 p.m., of course.

Take a Bite

Friends having brunch together
Everyone loves food. Whether breakfast is the most important meal of your day or you’re more of a dinner person, downtown Oklahoma City has you covered. In the morning, stop by Nebu on the first floor of Devon Tower for a variety of fresh breakfast options, including omelets and breakfast burritos. For lunch, your options are (almost) endless. From Park Harvey Sushi to Urban Taco Shop and Coolgreens, there’s truly a food for any mood. However, be careful, as many lunch places close in the early afternoon. Luckily, Oklahoma City’s dinner options are abundant. In the heart of downtown, check out Flint and Kitchen No. 324 for delicious, innovative food. You can also stop by Mahogany Prime Steakhouse, where you can sometimes spot NBA players after OKC Thunder games!

Take a Break

Friends at a dinner table
Not only does Oklahoma City have all the tools to get you through the workday, it also has plenty of places to go once you’re done for the day and need to kick back and relax. Bricktown has countless restaurants and bars, not to mention the Bricktown Ballpark, where you can catch an OKC Dodgers game. Once the weather gets colder, get indoors to see the Thunder play. If you’re not in the mood for sports, you can head over to the OKC Museum of Art or even the incredible American Banjo Museum, where if you’re lucky you might get to test out a banjo.

Get to Work

Woman working on computer holding a mouse
Sometimes the coffee shop doesn’t cut it when you really need to get things done. Downtown has you covered there, too, with the Innovation Station on the corner of Robinson and Main Street. With high-speed internet, printing, office supplies and plenty of charging stations, the Innovation Station is the perfect co-working space to accomplish the day’s tasks in a casual setting that’s a bit more professional than a restaurant or hotel. Contact us today or stop by, weekdays from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. and remember, your first visit is always free.