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Downtown OKC Business Lunch Catering Guide

This sound familiar? Your boss announces a business lunch and your mind races with the smorgasbord of culinary possibilities.

Maybe it’s build-your-own tacos with a couple orders of queso and guac? Or what about that new Mediterranean place you’ve been wanting to try? No wait, there were some office rumblings about ordering pizza last week … That’s probably it. Pizza.

You arrive at the lunch meeting, appetite in tow, and you find there’s no chips and guac, no shakshuka, and definitely no pizza. You’re greeted by cold cuts, which is what your company catered at last month’s big business lunch, and now that you really think about it, the one before that, and the one before that.

Break out of your business lunch rut and start eating your way across OKC with our printable downtown catering brochure – a roundup of some of our go-to lunch spots with catering options. We’ve included a mix of local businesses and franchise favorites and mixed it up with some different cultures and flavors in mind.

Peruse it, print it, keep it handy. And for Pete’s sake, get the cold cuts place off your boss’s speed dial.

Directions: Download the PDF below and select “custom scale 100%,” “print on both sides of paper,” and “flip on short edge” in your printer settings. Tri-fold into brochure.

Front and back of the Business Lunch Catering Guide for Downtown OKC featuring two quotes from diners on Yelp OKC
Thirteen Oklahoma City restaurants listed with their addresses, phone numbers, websites, catering menu highlights, and whether they deliver and help set up your catered lunch