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Leadership Direction and Finding Your Purpose

More than 100 Oklahoma City professionals enjoyed a day of leadership education at Leadercast Women hosted by RSC@OKC Innovation Station. Through the nine national speakers and the panel discussion featuring local leaders, we were challenged to find our purpose. Many takeaways and rich nuggets of inspiration. We found these to be our top ten:

Are we curious enough to find something bigger than us to make an impact? Find your purpose. ~ Molly Fletcher

Are you curious enough to ask tough questions of your previous clients, of previous sponsors, of previous volunteers? It will help identify gaps. Close those gaps and magical things will happen for your business or organization. ~ Molly Fletcher

Keys to finding your purpose: Embrace your gifts. Accept where you are. “You are doing the best you can!” And step up with courage. ~ Neeta Bhushan

Failures contribute to your next chapter. Be resilient because all things happening “to you” are actually happening for you. ~ Neeta Bhushan

If you can connect your employees (or volunteers) to the power of your organization’s purpose, great things will happen! ~ Ginger Hardage

Let purpose be your compass. The way a company behaves on the inside is how it will behave on the outside. ~ Ginger Hardage

How do leaders deal with the “imposter syndrome”? Turn around negative speak. Give self affirmations. Keep growing towards the titles. Be gentle with yourself. Everyone is dealing with something. – Leader panel of Lauren Brown, Asa Leveaux, Paula McDade, and Juanita Oritz

Express gratitude. Be authentic; you’re able to connect. Know yourself; can’t find your purpose without knowing yourself. Take risks! ~ Shabnam Mogharabi

If an opportunity comes before you – even if you’ve never done it – and you feel like saying “Yes” – perhaps that’s your purpose. ~ Mama Jan Smith

I am valuable. I am important. I am a person of influence. I do have a part to play in this thing called like. I was born to be an answer to a question. I was born to be the solution to a problem. ~ Dr. Bernice A. King